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The Cocotron Developer Tools (CDT) for Xcode

The Cocotron Developer Tools are a collection of well known open source projects working together as a cross-compilation system for Xcode.

GNU binutils - linker and object code utilities. ld is modifed to support frameworks via the -F and -framework options.

GNU gcc - Objective-C compiler, modified to support frameworks and The Cocotron Objective-C runtime API.

MinGW - Platform interface for Windows, consists of libraries, headers and program initialization.

Linux, Solaris and possibly other platforms are supported by the creation of a platform interface as described here.

InstallCDT - Xcode cross-compilers

NOTE: InstallCDT is now included in the main Cocotron source and not a separate download.

NOTE: InstallCDT only puts files in /Developer/Cocotron/ and ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode.

From a shell, run:


This script takes two arguments, a platform and architecture, the defaults being Windows and i386. You can also specify Linux i386 or Solaris sparc. Make sure your platform interface is set up before installing for Linux and Solaris

InstallCDT will download, patch, configure, build and install binutils and gcc, download and patch mingw if needed, install the platform interface for gcc, create the Xcode specification files and put them in ~/Library/Application Support/Xcode/Specifications

Once the install is done for your platform of choice, you can get started. You will need to relaunch Xcode in order for it to acknowledge the existence of the new compiler specifications.